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Thread: Very Serious and strange problem with XP!

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    Angry Very Serious and strange problem with XP!

    hi there!

    i have a real big problem with XP that is quite complicated so il try to explain it the best i can.

    The problem starts when i uninstall macaffe virus scan, this problem has happend before i dont know if mcaffe causes the problem or if it triggers something else.

    When i uninstall it and restart my PC it behaves very strangely Detials below:

    as soon as i log in tcpsvcs.exe & one of the svchost.exes consumes as much CPU as it can. If u shut one down the other just consumes 100%.
    The only way to stop it is to use End Task on both processes

    the system hangs for about 10 seconds after i tell it to do something.
    eg. if open a folder on my desktop or open an applacation, it just does nothing , (there is no CPU usage, increase in ram or HDD activity at this time) it just sits there then all of a sudden it appears after a long wait (usually it should open instantly normly)

    Some of my Pcs components dont work

    eg, LAN and Internet connections dont work
    windows media player and winamp says that i dont have any sound devices or they are not cofigured properly.

    (this is wrong because they are all installed and working fine before i try to uninstall macaffe virus scan)

    general system unstability

    I have had this problem before a month ago when i tried to uninstall mcaffe virus scan, i had exactly the same problems, so i ran system restore and restored it to a previous day before i tried to uninstall the program.

    This fixed the problem and my system behaved normly again even though mcaffe virus scan still remained.

    I tried the same thing today and encontered the same problem but when i ran system restore and restored it to the previous day before my uninstall the problem still exists.

    so i tried re installing the program then uninstalling it but it had no effect.

    I thought that zone alarm (my firewall) my be conflicting with the program because it warned me about it when i installed mcaffe but it too had no affect.

    ive tried search for help but to no avial

    please could anybody out there who knows of a cause or a solution help me ASAP as im tearing my hair out here!

    i cant run any diagnostics because i cant access the NET or my LAN, i checked for hardware problems in device manager but nothing is wrong.
    I'm sure this is a software problem not hardware

    Thanks in advance


    PC specs:

    Win XP PRO
    P4 2.66 533FSB
    768mb ddr 266 ram
    ATI 9600XT 128mb card
    hercules game fortismo 7.1 sound card
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    I'm assuming you've uninstalled Zonealarm. I personally recommend Sygate but that's off topic.
    Go to Administrative Tools/Services and see if there are any Mcafee processes left behind.
    You might also like to try some sort of registry cleaner.

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