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Thread: XP auto logs out to welcome screen

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    XP auto logs out to welcome screen

    I have a good one for you guys,
    My mom's PC auto logs out after so much time of inactive use. I checked her power settings, disabled hibernation and standby, did everything I could think of to stop this, but it continues. She does have 2 accounts, both are password protected. Anyone know why XP would autolog out? OR how to disable it? IT is very annoying.
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    It is outlog? Just to be sure, so when it logs of, when you need to enter again your password, it doesn't say in the description (where is also the number of emails) that is log on?
    Well, here is another place to look at, in the screen saver settings (I suppouse you know how to get there ) besides the minutes counting, there is a check box "On Resumen display welcome Screen"
    Hope this helps
    Will check for more.
    Though, I still wanted to know, if she is competely log off, or just like a quick log off.
    If that doesn't fix it, I would also check the task scheduler

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