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Thread: BIND 8 & DNS

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    Cool BIND 8 & DNS

    I Would Love Some One To Explain How To Fully Setup Bind 8 dns service on Windows 2003

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    It is a nightmare. I agree. It took me a while to figure out how to set it up. Next time ask your questions in the forum instead of in PM. This way other people with the same question can conveniently get their answer.

    Here's my setup. From which you will get an idea on how to do your setup:

    Section 1: Location of files

    [C:\Program Files\DNS\bin\]

    In this folder I have all the executeables that came with BIND.

    [C:\Program Files\DNS\etc]

    In this folder I have all my configuration files. This includes:

    named.conf --- main BIND configuration file
    rndc.key --- required for rndc to manage your BIND server
    root.hint --- a hint to BIND as to what the root servers are --- created by BIND when running --- zone file containing my example zone --- zone file for reverse lookup

    [C:\Program Files\DNS\log]

    I created this folder to store my log files in

    [C:\Program Files\DNS\manual]

    help files and other text files were placed in this folder

    Section 2: Configuration

    I'm not going to teach you how to configure your server. That's what the manual is for. However, for the intuitive and/or lazy or for those experiencing problems, I have provided my configuration files as a known working example.

    For those of you who wish to remotely test your BIND servers:

    (warning, functional but not yet easy for DNS neophytes to use)
    Domain Services: Registration, Hosting, Management
    Domain Tools: Whois Direct, DNS Crawler
    That is basically for any version of windows, I am assuming it will work for windows server 2003 just as well.

    And another good more informative resource from the same site:

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank You very Much

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