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Thread: Help! Windows Doesn't Shut Down!

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    Exclamation Help! Windows Doesn't Shut Down!

    I Just Reinstalled Windows And It Doesn't Shut Down, When I GO Through Start-ShutDown
    It Can't Also Restart Or Log-Off.... can Any1 Help Please

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    what os are you on and what sp is applied? Are all the critical updates installed?

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    And what all is connected? Disconnect any additional devices leaving KB, Mouse, Monitor and power only.

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    What happens when you hit the PC's Power button?

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    well, when u go to shut down, before ur comp shuts down, all programs have to close.
    so maybe u might have a program thats stopping it from shutting down, or taking long to close and therefore it wont shut down in a wuick time.

    something like the program might have take a long time to close cause somethin is interfearing or not responing correctly.
    example like if u install a program, v2004, then uninstall it then install v2003 of any program, then it still could have registry values that it is v2004 not v2003 and therefore not acting the way its supposed to.

    somethin like that maybe, could be a posibility.

    and if u press ur power button it should function, how u set it to in ur cmos or default way.

    and if it doesnt turn of with ur power button then u got a faulty cables for ur power button, or its not conected correctly.

    im sure that was about right conan, otherwise he would have mentioned it.

    but for ur power button not working and its newly installed windows, then u wouldnt be able to turn it on even.

    and when u say "When I GO Through Start-ShutDown
    It Can't Also Restart Or Log-Off...."

    i assume that u installed xp, its not like u would install me or 98.

    and sp wouldnt make a difference.

    thats all i can think of now, as im goin to sleep now

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    The Thing That Worked Was:

    1. I GO TO Task manager
    2. I Go TO Active Users
    3. I Log Off Administrator
    4. I Shut Computer Down

    It Worked

    After That, I Have Changed Some Registry Values, And It Was Perfect

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