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Thread: Can't boot into anything

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    Can't boot into anything

    I have XP on the machine in question, but that doesn't seem to be the problem (not sure where to place this thread). The problem is that when the machine is starting up, after memory check/ drive detection I get nothing except a blank screen. If I try to boot from the XP disc, same thing. If I try a 98 startup disk, I get a flashing cursor and nothing else. I pulled out a working HD from another machine and still no result.

    The mobo is an MSI KT3 Ultra2. Could there be an issue with the MB? Could a virus do this? This is one of those things where the user says it was working one day and then it wasn't, but nobody did anything...yeah right.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    You might try resetting the bios defaults and clearing CMOS...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rik
    You might try resetting the bios defaults and clearing CMOS...
    then check if to see if the first boot device is your cd rom then boot to the cd to do further troubleshooting

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