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Thread: XP Default image viewer open/preview

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    XP Default image viewer open/preview

    I've read about a hundred articles now on how I can supposedly turn off the default image preview option in XP tried them all and none work.
    I tried deleting the HKEY_Classes_root/systemfileassoc/imae/shellex/contextmenuhandlers/shellimagepreview key......didnt do anything the preview is still in bold and it still opens the windows pic/fax viewer
    I first tried the obvious, right click, open with, find the software, check the always use box, but it just laughs and continues to use windows pic/fax viewer on the very next image I try to open
    I also did the folders-options-file types-jpg and set to use MS Photo Editor, which by the way is the only software shown there as the one to use to open a jpg, still no change.
    Costs me hours of time by having to open every file one by one
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated !

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    Have you tried my suggestions here

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