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Thread: RAID, research to implementation

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    Quote Originally Posted by peng
    I have the Supertrack SX6000 and I have both the IDE and SATA versions of the 3Ware. The 3ware blows it away in every category. Setup, compatablilty, performance, management.
    Do you have a benchmark?

    Setup, are you talking installation? Or after installation?

    How do you rate the compatibility? Did you use it in a windows and Linux environment? What versions of the OSes did you use?

    Performance, what determined performance? Read and Write speeds? Actual data transfers?

    Management, I don't quite get how you could compare the two...

    there's a somewhat dated review of promise and 3ware.

    I am curious as to your methodology for comparing the two brands. What you used, how you did it, and so on. I think this would be good information for users to have if you have that info available. Thanks.

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    I do not have any benchmarks. These are on production systems. One thing I can say is that initializing a RAID 5 on the promise with 3 80GB HD's took almost a full day. On the 3ware it took less than 30 minutes. The 3ware is also better supported across multiple OS's. Win Server 2003, FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x, along with Linux will all see the 3ware with default drivers. Not true for the Promise.

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    A good interactive tutorial I found (via Digg) on Raid.

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