I have a very big problem regarding my computer:

First let me explain you.

I have installed Mandrake 10 on my computer (checked version) on a new partion, the when i was rebooting my computer everything was ok. Once i have shutdown my computer and restart it here come the trouble.

- i was able to see lilo but cannot boot to Windows XP (first partition NTFS) (error: disk read error) nor boot on mandrake second partition.

i have built my partion using boot magic.

after 2 days of troubles today i have decided to remove everything (all partitions ) after unsuccessful fixmbr.... fdisk /mbr ... and other attempt...

right my hard drive has been formated, checked, there is no more patition, formated first fat32 then fdisk /mbr restart it then i have installed windows xp (ntfs) successfully but:

- when i reboot everything ok
- when shut down and restart it have that same pb as before when installing mandrake an error saying disk read error.

when i reboot and do a fixmbr windows restart but i have to do that to access to windows xp...a assle...

can someone help me plz.

other details my hard drive is a Excel Stor