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Thread: Problem with windows xp users & task scheduling.

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    Problem with windows xp users & task scheduling.

    Hi, I’ve just installed wxp, configured everything for an user, and one day I restarted the computer and everything was like when I first installed the os. I ran to the document and settings, and my files where there, in my user folder (martinh), but now I was working in the administrator folder. I couldn’t change the user in the user account settings… there was only one user, but there are two folders in document and settings. Then I created some other users, deleted them… now i’m an administrator with martinh as the username, but everything is in document and settings\loco folder. Don’t ask me why, I had to put the disk in other computer and copy the folder. Things seem to work fine, but I want to schedule a task and I have some problems. In the properties of a taks it reads: SOVEREIGN\loco, but I’m not loco, I’m martinh I think.
    How could I solve this?

    Thank you very much for your time

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