I'm runing XP Home. I have a number of memory-resident programs that currently run for all user accounts on my system, and I'd like to restrict them to only one account and leave the other account(s) relatively "clean." Currently, they start from the Registry HKLM "Run" key. Is there somewhere else I can move them, within the Registry, so that they will still be launched by the Registry, but only for a particular user? (I have tried to run some of them from the local Startup folder, but they don't all run correctly from there, so I'd still like to launch them from the Registry.)

A related question: there are also some Services that I'd like to run only in one account or the other. Is there a way to set up a Service only for a particular user? It appears that the "Log On" tab of the Properties dialog box for the Services is intended for that purpose, but I can't figure out how to set it up.

Appreciate your help --
- David