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Thread: Panda Antivirus and AVG.60 anti virus help

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    Panda Antivirus and AVG.60 anti virus help

    I have both on my computer right now.. not on purpose.. and i have windows stupid firewall enabled. I was curious which virus detector and scanner is better to keep. Also.. windows service sp2 takes me forever to download.. it hangs.. shoudl i just wait a while to get it? Are there many problems with it already?

    On a last note.. i been noticing sometimes this shows up and sometimes it doesnt on startup.. csrss.exe, alg.exe, mmc.exe do i want to stop tese processes?

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    alg.exe is Application Layer Gateway, it's used by windows built in internet connection sharing and the windows firewall.

    csrss.exe is Client/Server Runtime Server Subsystem, Csrss is responsible for console windows and needs to run

    I use AVG and it works just fine. If I had both AVG & Panda I would just use Panda, I think it's probably better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IHateCrunches
    ...which virus detector and scanner is better to keep.
    Answer: The one you keep 100% updated.
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