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Thread: computer tbinks it's a 2400+, nearly all install say croupt

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    computer tbinks it's a 2400+, nearly all install say croupt

    i resantly reinstalled windows, now i'm running in to major problems, my computer thinks it a 2400+ athlon even though it's a 2100+ athlon, nearly every item i in stall says it's corrupt including windows sp2, and software that use to work just fine, the only thing i can think of is the system drivers are encorect but the other ones i tried made it think it was a 1500+ i'm don't even think thats the problem, also manny programs freaquantly error and shut down, exspecialy internet explorer, and the computer restart ocasionaly, i reinstalled window twice and sure it not a virus, think somthing to do with drivers thanks adam

    by the way here some imfo my computer is

    mainboard msi k7n420 pro, 2100+ athlon,

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    Get the latest NFORCE Drivers for your mobo/chipset there. If you are using the onboard VGA, use the VGA drivers as well as the OS drivers. That should clear up any problems you are having. If not, post back and we'll see. If you are not using the onboard VGA, and have a secondardary AGP card installed, disable the onboard VGA in the BIOS, and that may help...

    Also, run a virus scan just in case. make sure you are using an antivirus software/firewall..

    And just to check, did you install SP2 (service pack 2 for windows XP)?

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    and before reinstalling windows go into the bios and change it to default, safe or optimal settings. seems like you changed your FSB or cpu multiplier and your pc is having some issues syncing with the ram.

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    After reinstalling your OS, the first thing anyone should ever do is always to install the motherboard or chipset driver first. Then you must install your graphics driver. This will help XP to recognise the hardware and optimise it. Although it is wierd why it would choose to take your processor as more powerful.
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