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Thread: windows xp harddrive partitioning?

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    windows xp harddrive partitioning?

    hi, i have windows xp(home edition), a 40GB hard drive, and free mem. only:9.22GB , whereas data saved on disk is only abt 3-4GB. So plz tell/direct me i: where has so much of the free mem. gone? and ii:how to make logical partitions on the existing setup.thanks

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    go to your administrative tools and select computer management
    on the left hand side click disk management
    your c drive should have unallocated space (30 gig ish)
    right click in the unalocated space and select format
    you can also change drive pathe to get them in order, if you dont you should get an e: drive added

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    Or if you're willing, reformat the entire thing using the XP install disk if you want to use all 40GB in one go.
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