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Thread: internet crawls

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    internet crawls

    I have WinXP SP2+ all critcal updates and ADSL internet 750kb
    I have hade cable internet before I changed to ADSL and it worked fine(up to 60 KB\s for downloads and I cuold visit websites) no I have the same connection speed but the downloads are up to 30 and it takes me 5 min's to visit google while I'm downloading. Can it be because of SP2?
    Any solutions?

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    First of all, if you don't already have a program that allows changing MTU and other communication settings download Dr TCP and run it.

    A Google search for ADSL Tweaks will gather much information on the subject.
    Using Dr TCP try changing settings to:

    Tcp Receive Window - 261120
    Window Scaling - Yes
    Time Stamping - No
    Selective Acks - Yes
    Path to MTU Discovery - Yes
    Black Hole Detection - No
    Max Duplicate ACKs - 3
    TTL - 64
    Choose appropriate connection type
    MTU - 1492 or 1500
    Above settings are just starting point. You will find other suggested settings when you do the Google search for tweaks.
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    SP2 enables the default winXP firewall, this can conflict any third party firewalls such as Norton Internet Security etc. Try disabling the Windows Firewall and see if it improves your bandwidth.

    Also, ensure you have updated any hardware drivers especially for network cards, USB devices etc to be compatible with SP2

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