Hi, I recently got a new harddrive and started off by installing Win XP Pro. I have put quite a few programs on it already, but I checked my disk and it said I was using 30+ GB of space, and I knew this wasn't right. I check my prog files directory and it is only around 10 GB. So I went poking around and found that the "temporary internet files" folder in my user account docs and settings folder is taking up about 11 GB of space. I am at a loss to explain this. I deleted all my cookies and stuff in the folder, I turned on viewing of hidden and protected files and there is nothing left in there (although I know windows still hides stuff). Also I have IE set to only take up 40 MB of space with internet files so I am trying to figure out how there is 11 GB of stuff still there. Does anyone know if windows uses this folder for other stuff besides just internet files, or any other reason there is so much space being used? Thanks.