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Thread: Access 97 upgrade path

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    Access 97 upgrade path

    I have a Dell 4300S which came with some, but not all Access 2000 software. Included Word and Excel but not Access 2000.

    I am a registered user of Access 97. Is there an upgrade available which would get Access 2000 for free or reduced price?


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    Not sure of your situation, but perhaps your computer came with Small Business Edition or even Student/Teacher version of Office.

    If you are still a student/teacher you may want to look to upgrade your whole office suite to 2003 version. It is a big improvement over office 2000, and recommend to move from office 97.

    I am not aware of Office Upgrade packages, but they may still produce them, you could ask at your local computer store for information.

    Otherwise, if you are considering purchasing a new computer, you could get OEM version of XP, and also order OEM version of Office 2003. These are slightly cheaper since you are buying a computer as well.

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