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Thread: Win2k & Novel Batch File Problems

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    Win2k & Novel Batch File Problems

    At work I run Win2K and I have a folder on a Novel network that gets backed up daily. I am paranoid and want to back this folder up on my local hard drive just in case the server crashes. I know that I can just go copy and paste it in my root directory, but I want to do it a cool way. I thought I could make a batch file with a one line copy command and put it on my quick launch toolbar and world would be perfect. It has not worked for me yet. The command I have been trying to us is:

    xcopy g:\sta - engineering\last name, first name\*.* c:\backup\ /c/e/h/i/k/q/y

    this is all one command, just couldn't fit it on one line.
    when i use this i get an error message that says

    Invalid number of parameters.

    any ideas anyone????
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    Umm I think your problem is your dos structure..."sta - engineering\last name, first name" is not valid directory names and so will cause the command to start assuming they are switches. The - is the same in a dos command as a / and therefore everything after that is assumed to be switches. Now let me tell you about your paranoia...that Novell server will still be running long after the hard drive on your computer crashes. And if not the backups will have the data.

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