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Thread: Windows XP Blue Screening

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    Unhappy Windows XP Blue Screening

    My Motherboard Died on me the other day so having been out and brought a Brand spanking new up to date one i am really egar to fit it and see what its capable of, however there is one draw back, i just have a horrible feeling that Windows XP is going to reject my new mainboard and blue screen on me the first moment i switch it on.

    Does anyone have any ideas how i can prevent this or do i just have to face it that when a mainboard dies the info on my disk follows it to silicon heaven

    Thanks In Advance

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    The only real way to find out if you've lost information or damaged the drive is to plug it in and look.
    If you are concerned, and you have another working computer, or a friend that does, you could plug your HDD into that machine and back up all your valuables.

    I would recommend this and then reformatting, as this will really allow you to see what its capable of, and it will also get rid of any excess junk (e.g. old drivers) which may cause conflict issues.

    By the way, if you do decide to reformat, and you have not done it before, make sure you do your research or find someone who has.
    My guess is that if you're replacing a motherboard - odds are you've reformatted before

    Hope this has been of some help to you -

    Good luck with it.

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    What is the old MB and what is the new MB ? if they're different chip sets then you'll need to do a clean install of the OS.

    Have you ever installed a MB before ?

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