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Thread: strange connection problem

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    Unhappy strange connection problem

    I am connected to the internet ADSL(750) with my LAN(realtek) and modem. And I have some kind of strange connection error. My upload is getting on the way of my download and blocking it. My internet company says there is no way this error is cursed be them. May this problem result as a hardware or windows error? Do you have any solutions?

    I tried reinstaling my OS
    I can't take this speed anymore
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    What OS were you using, and how did you reinstall it? was it a clean install or simply a recovery on top of existing OS ?

    Also, try getting another computer or laptop and connect to your modem to see if the speed is ok. This will verify if your computer is to fault...

    Also, you should look at your Realtek LAN card, swap it into a good computer or put another NIC in your computer.

    Any more info would be good?

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    Also maybe the verbiage of the error.

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