As noted in link below, last night, I lost the ability to boot from my hard drive; I also may have lost a CD R/W and DVD-ROM, but that is a separate issue. Right now, I installed Win-XP on another hard drive, called drive D, and I am up and running. The original drive, "C" is good, but just doesn't boot. Two questions: How can I retrive my Outlook email? I shtere a way I can find my outlook files and port them from drive C to drive D? Drive D now has the OS. A 2nd issue, is when I format & reinstall the OS on drive C, drive D will still have the OS. How should handle this "dual boot" configuration? I will have drives "C" and "D" both boot capable, right? Bu I know XP doesn't handle this sitution well. Should I remove the OS from drive D? Thx.