Oh how I long for the good 'ol days when TZ was just a "tech community" - where people (geeks) from all over the world can share our one true passion (obsession) - computers. There was no concern for latitude nor longitude and there certainly was no attitude - only to help out a like minded geek with the only important issue that meant anything - a crisis of the highest order! computer not responding!

I suppose other boards have come to realize that politics tend to squelch what the board is all about. For instance:
Action: Political and Religious Topics. There are many other forums specifically for political and religious debates, this is not one of them. [edited] is a graphics community and since these types of posts usually result in heated debates and flaming, they should be avoided.
Result: Threads are closed and/or removed.
Perhaps we can select which forums are visible? I don't want to continually fight the urge to open a thread that I know i'm going to get upset over and possibly receive a bashing over. I'm here for technical issues and to make like minded "friends" no matter which part of the world they are from - it's easy when you leave out the politics and focus on our similarities instead of differences.