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    OK guys this thread has really stirred up a hornets nest.

    Myself and the rest of the TZ staff value your opinions and i hope we have always managed to get across our amenable attitude.

    When members express such strong views regarding an issue with TZ we, (the staff),will always strive to listen to all the facts and we then discuss any solutions or compromises behind closed doors.

    Following extensive discussions we have decided to remove the "Current Affairs & Politics" forum and all the threads contained within.

    Subsequently,any topics posted that we feel are of a political nature will be instantly removed and the relevant member informed of the reasons via PM.(the forum rules will be updated accordingly).

    One more thing i would like to add.

    As some of you have pointed out,Techzonez purpose was,and always will be primarily a "Tech" community,however you must also accept that some members visit TZ just to chill out and not necessarily discuss "tech" related issues.A fact that is proved by the popularity of some of our "non-tech" forums like Fun Stuff,General Chat,Media & Entertainment,and also the popularity of the Arcade.

    Hopefully TZ will now return to "The good 'ol days"

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