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Thread: Do you want to send this error report to Microsoft?

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    Do you want to send this error report to Microsoft?

    Hi guys,
    Many times it happens with me that I am working on 4-5 IE windows and all of a sudden this message pops up and the moment I click on OK , all Windows gets closed. I am sure, many other are also having this problem. Isn't it annoying? Why it actually happens?

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    It's more than annoying... It shouldn't be happening.!!

    You'll need to specify what version of windows you are running (if you are in fact using windows), and if you have service pack 1 or 2.

    And what version of IE are you running?

    There are several threads regarding Browsers I'd suggest looking at a new browser all together.

    Like Firefox, it's fantastic.

    Read this thread for more information on how and what people think.

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    yes...try firefox and once u use tabbed browsing u'll probably wonder why u didn't try it earlier...believe me i'm one of those ie to firefox converts myself...go firefox!

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    If you want to disable "error reporting" altogether,and prevent the message windows appearing,do the following:

    Right click My Computer and select properties.On the Advanced tab hit the Error Reporting button and put checks next to "Disable error reporting" and "But notify me when critical errors occur". Then click OK and OK.

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