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Thread: Questions about frontal leds (power one)

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    Questions about frontal leds (power one)

    I bought a new case and i have been looking for many others and i have noticed that the power led comes with a strange 2 pin connector (not as the mobo panel) and with an adapter to molex.

    Then i was wondering... Why manufacturers waste a molex for a simple led?

    Wouldn't be better to connect it to the mobo panel? I guess both uses 5v pin... so it could be done.

    Can anyone tell me which is the reason to waste a molex for power led?

    I'm wondering on adapt it to conect it to the mobo panel then when i suspend the system into S3, it will blink instead of be off.

    My case is the raidmax scorpio 868, i attached a pic. The power led is the blue circle, the red ones are the HDD leds
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    Y splitter on the molex will fix this. You'll have the LED connected and still have a spare molex for other components. As for wiring it into the motherboard, I dunno. I'd think it would be possible, but who knows. And if you make a mistake, well, it's your hardware.

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