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Thread: Spell Check Outlook

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    Spell Check Outlook

    My OS is WP Home.

    I have installed Outlook from Office 2000 to use as my Browser.

    I did not install Word because I do not like it.

    When I try to do a spell check in Outlook, I get a program error.

    Does that mean I need to install Word so that Outlook will have access to a spell checker?


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    Hi and welcome nenvy.

    As far as i am aware you do not need to have word installed to use the Outlook spell checker.
    What is the exact error message you are receiving?

    Make sure you have the correct configuration for the spell checker.

    On the Outlook Tools menu, click Options.On the Spelling tab, make sure "Always suggest replacements for misspelled words" and "Always check spelling before sending" are checked.

    This may help you here

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    Rev, as I just wrote in the OE spellchecker Threath, the spellchecker is an office shared feature, so it needs to be installed. When Outlook was installed probably all shared applications weren't installed. This features include but are not limited to Clipboard, Office Assistance, SpeelChecker, Dictionaries, Help menus, Filters and conversion tools, International Settings and other that I don't remember. It depends a lot in the Office version, but the speelchecker is not for Word only, it just install by default with Word

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