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Thread: how do i delete "Search Assistant Uninstall"

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    It seems that CWShredder was sold
    Hey all, long time since my last update. Big news this time: CWShredder has been sold to InterMute. This means that from now on, InterMute will manage CWShredder, add detection and removal for new variants, everything. They offer CWShredder 2.0 as a free download, and plan to integrate it into their existing product SpySubstract PRO
    Go to for latest download info, there is version 2.1 demo available just updated for new CWS variants. direct link for v2.12
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    hello every body i'm new member here i read this Subject
    for this crazy spybot search and always if me get that i make fromat to my pc i lot of format i do
    when i start to find any thing to fix that i can't find it meney software i was dowanload it but after find spys the software give me message to regster or pay software

    meny times for searching in my pc i get some new things for this problem and i fix it with out any software just flow that steps
    1- shut down your pc in restat in ms-dos
    2- go to C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\
    3- delet file name se.dll
    4- reset your pc
    now the spy is remove it

    se.dll is the spybot search in (Search Assistant Uninstall)
    good look

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