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Thread: IE harvesting info from Outlook?

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    Angry IE harvesting info from Outlook?

    Hi, hope this question is not redundant since I'm new.

    I recently got a new laptop and upgraded all Microsoft components (IE, Office, Windows XP) to their most recent versions.

    And then something very disturbing happened.

    I have a Yahoo! homepage. I upgraded to their "New! Improved!" homepage appearance, using Internet Explorer. (At the same time, I had Outlook open to check my school email.)

    Within a day, I had received a message in my school email account from Yahoo, welcoming me to their "New! Improved!" homepage.

    I have NEVER supplied Yahoo with that email address.

    All I can figure is that somehow IE allowed Yahoo to harvest my email addresss from Outlook. Does that make sense?

    If this is possible, how do I stop it? Can some setting be changed in IE or regedit?


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    I do not know if Yahoo uses exploits in IE. One thing you will need to understand is the fact that IE is crippled ith exploits and websites may and can install spyware on users computers that are surfing the web using internet explorer.

    While I may sound crazy but the fact is I had installed a software firewall on my computer and started searching for mp3's on the web using internet explorer.

    I got bombarded with persistant popups but te scary thing was finding out that files in my internet cache where requesting internet access and running programs on my computer.

    this is how many computers get spyware and adware installed.

    the other way is shareware programs

    read the end user license agreement for hints that additional components may be installed by third parties.
    use firefox for now

    it has great features and rules the web at the moment.

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