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Thread: Move Address Book from Outlook 2000 to 2002

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    Exclamation Move Address Book from Outlook 2000 to 2002

    OK, I have Outlook 2000 on the old computer, Outlook 2002 on the new one. I was successfully able to move all of my mail and contacts to the new computer. I see all of the mail, I see all of the contacts. Problem is, when I start a new message and click To/CC/Bcc I get a blank address book. How do I get my contacts into there?

    Thanks in advance.

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    What do you know, I figured it out (with a little help,LOL!)
    Here it is:

    Add the Outlook Address Book to your profile, if it isn't there already.
    Add the Contacts folder to the Outlook Address Book.
    Choose Tools | Services and switch to the Addressing tab. (In Outlook 2002, choose Tools | Address Book, then in the Address Book dialog, choose Tools | Options.)
    Under Show this address list first, you can choose either Contacts or Personal Address Book. This setting governs which list you see first when you open the Address Book. I'd recommend that you use Contacts.
    Under When sending mail, check names..., add Contacts. The address list that you use the most should be the one at the top, whether that's Contacts, your PAB, or a global or postoffice list.

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    Wow, that was a quick fix.

    Today, 19:29 PM

    Today, 19:38 PM

    Wow. Thanks for posting up the fix. It may help other users with similar issues.

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