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Thread: Task Bar Search Assistant

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    Angry Task Bar Search Assistant

    how do i get this friggin thing off my computer? it wont go away!!! its a search assistant bar on my taskabar and its there everytime i start up my computer. i just dont like it there, it bugs the hell outta me. ive already checked my add remove programs list and there are no windows search assistant or windows sa or anything(but there is websavings from ebates that i cant delete, i need help with that too) so how do i delete this bastard???

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    If that doesn't help then I suggest a reformat and reinstall of Windows.

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    You've already asked a similar question in another thread.

    Try this registry edit:

    NOTE:Before performing the following registry edits backup your current registry first.
    Start > Run and type in regedit. Highlight "My Computer" and select File > Export and save the backup file.

    When the backup is complete do the following:

    Highlight "My Computer" and click Edit > Find. In the Find box type WindowsSA and click the Find Next button.

    When it finds an entry it will be highlighted in the right hand pane.Delete the highlighted entry by right clicking it and selecting delete.Then press the F3 key to search for the next entry and delete it using the above procedure.Repeat the F3 and delete process until no more entries are found.

    Close regedit and then run the spyware/adware software listed in the link that Conan posted above.

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