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Thread: Startup error

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    Startup error

    Whenever I start up XP Home Edition, it gets to the login screen and a few seconds later a blue screen appears with the error: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

    and STOP: 0x0000000A (0x80610F4A, 0x000000FF, 0x00000000, 0x80610F4A)

    I haven't installed any hardware recently or tried to reinstall XP. It was working fine until a few days ago. I went to the Microsoft Knowledge base and it suggested checking the software drivers. I did a clean boot of XP and the problem still occured. So, I clean booted it and did boot logging to try to see what wasn't working. The following drivers didnt load:

    lbrtfdc.sys *
    i2omgmt.sys *
    Changer.sys *
    PCIDump.sys *

    The files I astericked where ones that were not in the System32/Drivers folder, where the log file said they should be located.

    Problem is I am pretty much a complete noob once I get into this kind of stuff. Would anyone be kind enough to explain to me how I can use this info to narrow down the problem to an exact driver so I can replace it. I dont really know much about messing around with drivers or anything, so your help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    If you haven't installed or changed anything (think, are you sure) then either a driver got corrupted or hardware is failing. Did you install SP2 recently ?

    Try pulling all your PCI cards out, go into your bios and disable all the on board items and see if XP starts up. If XP starts then go back in bios and enable things one at a time and re-boot till everything works or stops. If it keeps working then install the PCI cards one at a time and re-boot.

    If you find the item causing the problem then download the latest driver and reinstall.

    Let me know because I have other things to try

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    Thanks. I'll work on the BIOS like you said and post back. Also, I dont know if this helps any, but while I was in safe mode I was going through system drivers in msinfo32.exe I found that the drivers isapnp (PnP ISA/EISA Bus Driver) and
    pci (PCI Bus Driver) had an error control status of critical and under Accept Stop they both said Yes. Everything else had an error status of either ignore or normal, so I'm guessing that means something is wrong with those. If this sheds any more light on the problem, feel free to comment.

    I think the only thing I installed before it started failing was the Core Media Player. I uninstalled it after things started messing up. And I am still on SP1. I'll start checking on the PCI cards and report back when I find anything. Thanks for the help.
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    I considered pulling the PCI cards out, but I only have a small slimline desktop computer case, and Im afraid to try it. I went to the BIOS and the only thing I could find of use was the Integrated Devices submenu, where I set the value of PCI Slots to Disabled. But the problem still happened.

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