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    Have you guys seen this little device yet? Ooh, just think of the mischief you could create! >: )
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    Hangs on your keychain and turns off virtually any television!

    We have 2 models of TV-B-GoneTMuniversal remote controls:

    * North American & Asian model
    * European model

    The North American & Asian model works for
    televisions in US, Canada, Mexico, as well as Asian countries.
    The European model works for televisions in European countries.

    DIRECTIONS for using your TV-B-GoneTM universal remote control:

    1. Point it at a TV set
    2. Press the button (no need to hold the button down)
    3. Keep pointing it at the TV until the TV turns off (which may take up to 69 seconds).

    More info on using your TV-B-GoneTM universal remote control:

    Your TV-B-GoneTM universal remote control is very much like any other tv remote control. It is harmless to televisions. It is harmless to humans and other animals (in fact, it is quite beneficial, since it turns televisions off).

    When you push the button on your TV-B-GoneTM remote control, it turns itself on, and then sends out a sequence of POWER codes for virtually every television. it may take up to 69 seconds to emit all of the POWER codes, so it may take up to 69 seconds for your tv to turn off, though 90% of televisions should turn off within 17 seconds. After it emits all of the POWER codes, your TV-B-GoneTM turns itself off.

    Click here if you are curious about the inner details of how your TV-B-GoneTM works.

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