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Thread: XP & Win98 dual Alternative A KVM switch?

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    XP & Win98 dual Alternative A KVM switch?

    Would using a KVM (keyboard-vedio monitor-mouse switch ) be a good alternative for dual booting win XP and Win 98? I was thinking about dual booting XP & Win98 but maybe an alternative is to use 2 computers. One computer with XP and the other with wn98 on it. The KVM switch would allow the use of one keyboard, mouse and monitor with the 2 computers.
    Maybe I could network them together for file exchange. I would probably
    need a printer switch also. Maybe find a good computer that would use Win 98 could be found in a yard sale and I keep my current system for XP.
    Has anyone condered doing that and how do they like it. What KVM
    switch do you recommend, etc. On draw back is it would mean more
    cabling and more computer boxes taking up space but it might be
    a good alternative to a dual boot.
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    I guess it all depends on what you can afford and the space involved. I use a KVM between 3 systems now, 2 XP and 1 98. You can just use a cheap hub between the 3 for printer and file sharing if needed. It works fine but again it depends and how much space you have for the systems.

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    It depends also what you need the 98 box for. If it is just to remember the good old days then it might be worth running WIN98 in a virtual machine on your XP box.

    More info here.

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