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Thread: PLZ.... This Is A Good Idea.

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    PLZ.... This Is A Good Idea.

    Could't We Have A Sticky Posted At The Top Here With Tweaks For 9x.
    And Every Time Someone Finds One Or Remembers One They Can Post.
    Some Tweaks Work As Affective Fixs. Just A Thought. Well, I Am Also
    Asking For All The Tweaks Tips And Trick You Can Find Because I Need
    All The Info I Can Get. I Am Now Apart Of The Matant 9X Project And
    Need I Am Looking For Some Good Old 98se Tricks. Not Reg Hacks.
    Not For The Most Part Anyway. A Well Know Example Is Micro98.
    Some Of The Fixes Being worked On Right Now In The Limit On
    Max Connections With A 9X Os. Even Set At Max Its Not As Good
    As An NT Based. Or Any Ideas You Have, Like Things You'd Like To
    See Out Of 98se.
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    We have sections:

    Customizing and tweaking in two separate forums. It makes it easier to search. And this forum is for technical support and fixes, etc...

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