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Thread: error installing xp-can't open monitor device drivers

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    Question error installing xp-can't open monitor device drivers

    today has been just dumb, first a trojan infiltrated my internet explorer causing pop ups and after i finally figured that out my display drivers didn't seem to be working correctly, so i uninstalled my nvidia drivers that deleted nvatabus.dll that i needed to start windows (my motherboard has an nforce chipset)...after having a few bluescreen of deaths and giving up i finally got to the recovery console where i restored my registry. as i got into windows i installed my nvidia drivers and the nforce drivers from the mobo company; then i kept getting a bunch of minidumps as i tried to get back into windows; figured i should just install windows again to make sure all files are in place. well---anyway when its copying over files it has this error that says it can't open monitor device drivers and when i push ok it has a split second blue screen and then restarts....goes back into setup and does it again.

    it would be amazingly cool if someone could point me in a direction; if you need more info i'll try to get it.


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    Welcome to Techzones, and sorry to hear of your troubles... some other people with Nforce boards will be able to elaborate further, however, when you reinstalled windows, did you choose to recover windows or a format and total reinstall?

    Might be best to do a total clean format and then reinstall windows. Also, check if your CD is corrupt?

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