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Thread: Operating System Problems (XP Home Edition)

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    Operating System Problems (XP Home Edition)

    Ill start it all off from here

    I have the following things on my computer for protection
    (Please offer suggestions in regards to what I should alter)

    1) AVG Antivirus 7.0
    2) Xoftspy Protection
    3) Spyware Doctor 2.1
    4) Registry Mechanic 3.0
    5) Privacy Guardian 3.0
    (bleaching free space sounds bad to me,so I don't)
    6) Tweak XP 4 Professional
    7) Uninstalled Windows Service Pack II
    8) Sygate Personal Firewall

    Okay, with AVG I have killed the halloween/trick or treat virus hoax thats been getting to peoples computers. AVG seems to pick up a lot more
    things that a legal version of Norton or Panda says it can't remove.

    But now I hear a deep laughing voice every now and then while
    going on websites and just like anybody I would like it removed.

    I have tried everything and I really dont wanna mess around with
    my registry (RUN + REGEDIT) unless I really know what im doing,
    so if anyone has had this occor before,what type of file should I
    be looking for so I can delete it?

    I also cannot System Restore or Recover but I believe that thats
    because of something in the control panel that can be easily changed.
    If this can't be easily changed can somebody please tell me what I
    should be going to. As a student im still learning a lot even though
    I know a good bit so please let me know what I can do about this.

    Thank you for your time and attention

    There also seems to be a second administrator account hiding on my computer and I plan to fix it with a form of software from a friend
    called ATG or ARG Commander that lets you reset passwords without
    even knowing about it. I just have to wait until Tuesday, which bites.

    Thanks for helping if you can....

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    Well I'll take a crack at two of those above. Hopefully someone else can help with the rest.

    System restore not working? Make sure it is turned on. Click start/right click MY COMPUTER/Click properties (alternatively just click the windows Key and pause/break-- Thanks RIK for that tip!).

    Then once in the my computer properties, select the system restore tab. Make sure system restore has not been shut off on your drives. If it has, turn it back on. Reboo the machine and see if that cures the problem.

    Also, about the second admin account. Make sure that is not the admin account. It is needed when updating .net I believe.. so I would leave it alone.

    As for the laughing voice, I am going to leave that one to the TZ ghostbusters. Egghead et al...

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    Try the new and improved Adware 6 SE . It is free so what could it hurt. I just upgraded my Pro version it it found many new grimlins to remove.

    The laughing in the back ground is more than likely deep in the registry and with some luck 6 SE will find it for you.

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