Sony Vaio PCG-505TR Notebook
Pentium MMX 300 MHz - NR


* Pentium MMX 300MHz Processor
* 64MB SDRAM Memory
* 6.4 GB hard drive
* 10.4" LCD Screen
* Firewire/USB/Modem/PC-Card Slot
Just bought my mother a new laptop. She called me saying she didn't have a laptop and wanted one. So I went hunting and found this decent Sony 300mhz (she only surfs the web and listens to music), 64mb of ram, 6.4GB hdd, etc..

It's an older laptop, but she doesn't need anything spiffy and new. I am sure she'll be thrilled.

She's going to have to install the OS (oh god), because it will come formatted. I've shown her how to do it, and she's done it successfully on her desktop. I just hope this laptop doesn't give her any crap.

I've also bought the external bootable CDROM to go with it. It's her first laptop and I think it will suit her needs quite well. It is really small which is good because she is clumsy. The lighter and smaller it is the better I think.

PDF manual:

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