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Thread: I killed XP with older software

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    I killed XP with older software

    What software is safe with XP and how do I determine if it is
    safe before using it? How does a person determine if software
    is safe to use on win XP?
    I recently installed and used Win XP for a few weeks with the
    intention of reinstalling and formating my drive for a more perament installation. I wanted to learn the in's and out's of this
    operating system. I wanted to test to see if I want to dual or single boot with XP. I made notes for XP settings for my needs. I went a head and created a home network with a Win 98 computer.
    I knew that XP had a romote feature to control the remote
    98 computer on my network but I got the ideal of using a
    an older yard sale program. I installed a pcAnywhere 32 bit version 8 to the 98 computer. That worked fine and the software had a nice interface. So in installed pcAnywhere on XP which was not a good ideal.
    I installed pcAnywhere on XP and the machine ask me for reboot. When XP started it gave me a little picture of a laptop
    pc card and as me to push control-alt-delete. I push control-alt-delete and I was ask for my pass word. The program did not
    take my password but accepted a blank field. Xp came in without
    any user choices. It came in with a very faint user's 1 landcape backgound. No start buttons, icons etc. Looks like I have created
    a big problem with my XP experiment. I reinstalled my hard drive with Win Me on it to I can have internet access.
    I prefer going with a single XP boot machine but with my habits of experimenting with older software I might be better off
    going with a Win Me & Win XP or Win 98 & Win XP dual boot machine.
    Should I look for the XP label on software before I use it? How
    do I avoid these kind of problems if I want to use older software with win XP.
    Oh yes, is there anyway that I could recover my win XP system
    without reformatting so I could continue with my experiment installation.

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    For me it's just trial and error ha ha ha
    Get Quintessential player, the alternative to winamp! ( )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rex Mundi
    For me it's just trial and error ha ha ha
    True, true.

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