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Thread: XP wont install, serious problems :(

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    Post XP wont install, serious problems :(

    Here is my story. I installed XP into 1Ghz Duron box. First install went w/o any problems. Used XP and had to uninstall it cause I changed the hdd in this box. Second time as I were trying to install it in the middle of installation XP says something like this: Cant continue installation, hardcore error occured! "The date and time of your pc are wrong, check system BIOS."
    & "Windows is unable to install product catalogue, press OK to reboot".
    I posted it to old Mauisun board and if I am not mistaken FluffyChicken tryed to help me out, I may be wrong but forum got hit and one day all was gone.
    As it wasnt my pc I didnt care much and I installed w2k there, went w/o any problems.
    I already started to forget this problem.
    But NOW!!
    My own pc, amd tbird 1,33Ghz, 512DDR, gives me same error.
    First time ever as I installed xp, it went w/o any problems. Then I had trouble with my Ethernet card and I made reinstall of xp. Installed new version a top of old one. No problems. But now. I formatted my hdd. And as I try to make clean install xp wont install, it gives me same error as above. And on the top of all these things, I made several reboots. I took out all tv, lan, sound cads and made several more reboots and now my pc starts to act kinda weird way. Usually before I booted from cd xp cd asked to push any key if I want to boot from cd now it doesnt ask anything. And now as I boot from cd in the routine to install xp, first comes press F6(for instaling third party raid/scsi) and then as F2(system recovey) passes pc just hangs up!
    My box has latest bios, tested both drr sticks, they're ok. dont know what else to do. Both pc's also have been in internet. Not to update somethng etc, just to browse the web. And the xp version is German Professional Corp Edition.
    I really cant undestand, whats wrong, but both pc's act so same way...
    "Pre-Palladium", smells like this!
    Maybe, maybe not.
    Any ideas?
    I am sorry, it came very long post now but I wanted to be sure that I gave all details.

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    this is what I always do during an install see if it helps first I boot using wn98 start up disk...I reformat the drive from dos...then I type fdisk /mbr to clear the master boot record...then I reboot go into the bios and change it to the default settings, except changing the boot process to boot from cd-rom then reboot again this time going into the xp install process...and just follow the screens from there...might seem like a long process but when you install an os might as well get done right the first time. let us know if this helps or maybe some other members can pipe in if i forgot anything.

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    Are you sure that you have a good copy of XP? Does it install in other PC's?

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    this new hd / is the jumpers set corectly , ie master or slave ,
    and do you have your cable conected to master or slave , good luck ,

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    As all I know, all jumpers etc are ok.
    Soh, copied xp files to hdd. Started setup from hdd. First thing xp said that I have no SmartDrive, that w/o smartdrive is install very slow, asked if I want to exit or continue. I continued, setup started to copy files. In the copy session you can see the files what setup is copying in the right down corner. Then for a sec the file name field went clear and stayed empty. The text what says me to wait while xp copyes files blinks and so it stays. Hdd led burns, I waited 10-15 minutes and no change, still hdd led burns but no activity at screen. And now I am in same position, dont know what to do....
    xp wont install (

    hdd is only device in ide channel.

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    this is my suggestion:
    FIRST reformat. Do a full format and not a quick one. Use a windows98 bootdisk, format C:/ drive... Once you have formatted then, do the following:

    Get into your BIOS, set everything to default, exit and save changes.
    Then go back into your BIOS, change Plug N Play OS to NO, then change the boot drive order to CDROM first, then HDD, then Floppy drive.

    Now exit saving changes. NOw power off the PC, but your windows XP CD in the drive. Then power on, you should now see the press any key to boot from this CD. If it won't let you boot to the CD after that, then you need to get an alternate source to XP, how you do that is up to you.
    Then retry. If it still does not work, perhaps you need to update the BIOS on your motherboard. Just go to the manufacturers website, and look for the most recent update to your BIOS. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT BIOS

    If none of that helps, repost and I will see what else I can come up with,

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    in some corupt bios or old ones which sounds like you dont have if you press the f7 key when your xp ask you do you want to install 3rd party software at very beginin at set up it will not give some errors that your having.also if you have a different cd rom at hand try that because it can give you same tipe of errors if still might play fine and load programs from other cd s but worth a try.
    best of luck

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    xp installs fine on even 400mhz computers. My suggestions as others have suggested...
    turn on your computer and get into the bios

    usually delete button or f2 or f8 etc... depending on your motherboard maker.

    reset computer to defaults and change the boot order so that your cd is the first boot device.

    grab your cd and turn it around and look for any smudges or fingerprints. clean the surface so that everything is eliminated.

    boot the cd and install xp.

    if you cannot boot you can try copying the files to your hard drive and installing from there.

    to make a bootdisk.

    make sure you use smartdrive.

    you can get it from any win98 cd or you can get it here

    after you boot your computer run smartdrive and you will get incredible hd performance.

    just so you understand what i mean. a friend copied the i386 folder to the hard drive without smartdrive. took a while and when done he did the "dir" command to look for a file and it took over 30 minutes before the computer even displayed anything.

    do it after running smartdrive and it takes half a sec.

    you get the picture.
    make sure you run smart drive before installing xp just incase.

    if xp fails to load after all this you will need to contact microsoft for a replaement disc as your may be defective.

    you can also borrow a friends xp disc as long as it's the same version your xp key should work fine.

    if it installs you have your answer

    good luck and keep us updated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tha Troll
    ... xp version is German Professional Corp Edition...
    As others have stated, it sounds like your WINXP disk if FUBARED.

    I'd highly suggest introducing a new WINXP disc and redoing Big Booger's suggestion.

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    You can also try installing XP over 98 and see what happens, if you have a CD.

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