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Thread: a mountain of processes

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    a mountain of processes

    Hello all, just got a new compy the other day and am having a problem with it getting bogged down with processes. It works fine for a while and then begins to fill up and eventually the cpu usage shoots to 100% and I have to manually restart because of it. There will also be about 10 of the task manager icons in the tray at this point. My question is, can I find a place that has a list of legitimate processes that I can compare mine against? Is this possibly a spyware or virus problem? My OS is xp professional, thanks for the advice in advance.

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    All the processes that, under user name in the task manager, are reported as SYSTEM are processes belonging to windows and are often critical. Then i have alg.exe as local service and two svchost.exe processes as network service.

    EDIT: Try this It's freeware
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