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Thread: Several Probs

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    Question Several Probs

    1:Computer won't "restart".
    I have: fdisked, formatted and reinstalled windows abot 8755634568 times; flashed the bios, changed bios settings
    2:OE6 looses/ won't accept passwords for identities
    3:Search Asst:
    I have: deleted reg strings, deleted about_blank.htm, deleted same reg strings AGAIN...
    Nothing I have done has fixed any of said problems, anyone gotta clue/s?

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    What OS ??
    Won't restart is mean computer hold on shutdown windows or hold on bios windows ??

    Do u install Hotbar ??
    Pls d/l adware and spy sweeper, full scan your system.
    Then your prob maybe solve.

    Hope can solve your problem.

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