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Thread: need help

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    need help

    Long story short (Installed newer version of AV-now system lockup on startup): In safe mode - trying system restore - looked in services and shows System Restore is started and set on auto. I try to start it and all I see is a blank white dialog box. I do have restore points. Does anyone know how to activate sys restore through CMD? Specifically via: C:\documents and settings\me>


    I tried "last known" - entered name/password - now it's been stuck on "loading personal settings" for around an hour.

    *******whooo hooooo!

    fixed it. I don't know why some programs won't uninstall in safe mode and some will but I managed to uninstall the AV that KAV was conflicting with - then reboot - then uninstalled KAV - now system restore so I can get NOD back. Seems if you want 2 AV's in your system KAV prefers to be there first - or NOD is not shuttting down all the way to allow another AV install.
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    what is kav?

    say lynchknot, i've been running norton's av out of their systemworks suite for years now and have been relatively happy with it. i am always ready to try anything that may be a step-up when it comes to my pc security, so, i was wondering, what exactly is kav? and does it work well with zone alarm, if you kin? ~s

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    i was wondering, what exactly is kav?
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus

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