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Thread: Can't DL Windows Updates

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    Can't DL Windows Updates

    I cant download no updates from windows update site. Tried turning off firewall
    and no luck. Any advice would be very helpful. Had to manually install Sp2.

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    What does it say at Windows update when you try ? it should give a reason or error ?

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    How did you manually install SP2?!

    1) Do you have a legit version of your operating system
    2) Your Antivirus might not be allowing you to download

    I don't see why it wouldn't if you don't have a pirated operating system

    thats wierd...never had any problems updating..

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    The first time i installed SP2 i tried to use windows update and everytime the download would stop and just sit on 80%

    I probably took a bit of a drastic action, but i resolved this by formatting my computer and re-installing SP2 on a clean OS. I have no problems since i done this.

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