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Thread: internet explorer cannot run local file after SP2

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    internet explorer cannot run local file after SP2

    Ok, we are having a thought problem at work.
    On the Intranet page, we have a link that opens up a file that is installed locally. We need this because this program connects to a device that is conected thru serial port in the local computer.
    We hard coded the name file in the page and it has worked wonderfully until SP2.
    If I save a copy of the web page in the HDD it will run the file, but not from the page served from the server.
    I have to find a way to resolve this. Suggestions?? Help??

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    Do you get a prompt to save and run the file dehc?

    I know i had an issue with the new IE updates that would not let me download a file. When I looked under the tools menu, I noticed that there were a couple of new menus and after poking around in them, I found the problem. Unfortunately, I'm at work and dont have my PC in front of me to be more specific.

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    You should be able to add the location of that file to the TRUSTED zone. I has a *similar* problem in the office also.

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