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Thread: Sync Cell Phone via USB

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    Sync Cell Phone via USB

    I have a Sanyo 8200 and bought a USB cable on ebay. I downloaded drivers, plugged phone and cable in and Windows recognizes it in Device Manager under "Modems", it uses COM3. When I try to use cell phone software like DataPilot and BitPim it says that the phone is not found or not connected. I tried many different options, same error. Can anyone help me with this?

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    This is an old thread, but I read on a site that you cannot transfer any data over the USB cable except for backing up your address book and connecting to a laptop for portable internet.

    Yes, I'm sorry, it's true. And I was upset to find that out too, but Sanyo 8100 and even the 8200 (mine) do not allow you to pull or add pictures through the USB data cable. Same with Ringtones. Other phone models allow the USB connection to communicate to and from those directories on the phone. I even have the snap software that the other person referred you to. They are made by a company called "Future Dial" - you can visit their site and see for yourself, as they list what can and can not be done given the model of the phone you use. The data cable for the 8100 and 8200 basically only serves 2 purposes, but I DO find both to be useful... Backing up my address book is easy, and uploading it to this phone back when I first got it was a breeze, as well. The other feature, and this is the one I really like, is that by using the phone and USB cable with Future Dial's "Snap Dialer" software, I can take my laptop ANYWHERE I get a Sprint signal, and I have internet access on the laptop. No, it's not highspeed, but it IS about twice as fast as dialup. It's an extremly handy tool if you have a laptop but can't find a standard internet connection. Word of Advice? If you are going to backup or easily edit your phone book on the computer, download a program called BitPim - Much better than SnapSync by Future Dial, and BitPim is FREE! - I wish I had websites for you, but just do a google search for any of those. I'll quit rambling now.
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