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Thread: Wow I guess i should stick to Hi voltage electrical work!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow I guess i should stick to Hi voltage electrical work!!!!!!!!!

    Ok I'm not totally computer illiterate. I program Plc's that run presses robots etc. But this windows 98 puter I have is driving me totally crazy.
    I got a newer, well actually upgraded computer for my wife. So we put my Dsl connection in our room and I went out to put the dial-up back on the other one for my kids to mess with.
    When I tried to dial up it didn't see the modem. So I ran the diagnostics.
    It froze now I can only log on to windows 98 in safe mode.
    Oh wait I lost my recognition of my CD-Rom and my floppy. so I checked them out. It sees them now but has no driver info.
    I am on windows now not in safe mode but I am afraid to do anything.

    My genius brother, re-installed windows 98 for me afew weeks ago to try and get rid of some glitches that I'm beginning to think would be best solved by wiping that POS out and having XP installed on it.

    Enuff Babbling where I am now is it doesn't see my TI-5600 voice modem for dial up, and every time I try to install the modem the install wizard freezes and back to safe zone I go.
    Any input from you puter geniuses out there. I'd glady trade some hi-voltage wiring or home wiring advice for some on this problem.
    And I can take it if the concensus Is that my 98 is just getting unstable (I have heard from others that it happens but have no knowledge either way myself) I'll just do away with it. There is no important info on it. other than downloaded games and I'm not worrying about saving a single file on it.\
    Thanks all a few of you have helped this computer dangerous electrician out a bunch already.

    Happy Thanksgiving

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    I think replacing it with XP would be your best move. And please reformat the drive before installing XP.

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