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Thread: Help, accidently installed second xp on same drive

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    Help, accidently installed second xp on same drive

    Windows xp pro was freezing after boot up. Popped in installation cd and accidently installed a second windows xp pro on same drive. Now when I choose my old xp version it runs fine. Would like to know how to get rid of newer version of xp pro safely?

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    I say backup your needed data and start over fresh.

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    Fastgame is right. You will never be able to return to the setup before the second xp install.
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    Hang on guys...lumin is saying that he can choose to start the old version and it runs fine. I'd say that all you have to do is modify the boot.ini file and remove the second entry under the list of operating systems.

    Once you boot up, if all is going well, you can just delete the new WinXP folder.

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