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Thread: User Manager For Domains and Server Manager Cannot Find PDC

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    User Manager For Domains and Server Manager Cannot Find PDC

    When attempting to launch both User Manager and Server Manager from the PDC in Windows NT4.0, I receive the following error: 'Could not find domain controller for this domain. Do you want to select another domain to administer?' also, 'unable to find PDC error'. Microsoft states that this error is a result of the PDC also configured as a WINS Server and the primary and secondary WINS server fields in the TCP/IP configuration are blank. It recommends filling in the two fields with it's own ip address. But the PDC on our network is not the WINS Server and the PDC is not configured as the WINS Server. What is your suggestion on fixing this problem?
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    Sorry to answer with a question, but what server enviroment are you running?

    Is the domain controller other than NT?

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