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Thread: windows xp mui

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    windows xp mui

    is there a way that i can download the windows xp mui so it can just be like a traditional chinese windows xp

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    Well downloading it.. I dunno. YOu have to purchase this from MS and it is not available through retail channels:

    How can I acquire Windows MUI?
    The Windows XP/2000 MUI is sold only through Volume Licensing programs such as the Microsoft Open License Program (MOLP / Open), Select, and Enterprise agreement (or with a new computer as an OEM version at customer request). It is not available through retail channels.
    That said, there are some versions floating around on the net.. I don't know how legal they are but I have seen them and they do work as stated. They can pretty much change an English OS windows XP to a foreign language OS.. with a few quirks.. (mainly help and support parts are still in English)... but they do do a nice job.

    More info about the MUI for windows XP and windows 2003:

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