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Thread: Windows messenger

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    Windows messenger

    Hello group, I don't like windows messenger turning on by itself. I would like the option to manually turn it on if I need it or if i'll ever need it. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Here is a reg tweak for this issue. Click here If you have not done reg tweaks before you want to be careful as you can cause problems with you system. Registry information is what your XP operating system uses to set up you computer on boot up so be careful here. Fell free to ask more questions on this matter if you need to. As a rule you will have to restart your computer after you have made the changes to the registry for them to take effect.
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    My advice is to download this free program XP-AntiSpy, it's got a couple of options for disabling auto-loading of messenger on start-up and when opening Outlook express:

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