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Thread: HELP PLEASE: Stuck at Logon / Can't access Safe Mode!

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    HELP PLEASE: Stuck at Logon / Can't access Safe Mode!

    After running virus scans in Safe mode I attempted to restart into Normal mode but the computer just hung at the boot screen indefinately. I finally forced it off. When I switched it back on it gave me the usual black screen saying "Windows did not shut down successfully" and instructed me to use the arrow keys to choose how to start windows, otherwise it would load the "last known successful configuration".

    However at this screen only the arrow keys do not react, making it impossible for me to select Safe mode, and although Safe mode was actually the last successful configuration, it proceeds to attempt to load Normal mode and stops at the login screen every time.

    I have the XP disk and tried to boot from it in the boot menu I can get to through F8, but regardless it goes to that same black screen and doesn't let me make a selection and freezes at the logon screen.

    HOW can I bypass this stupid screen? What do I do? I need options. Desperately. I haven't had access to my computer for days, and I use it for everything.

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    you can try to do a repair install of xp,
    instructions here,

    are you giving the computer enough time to boot?

    are your fans working? cpu overclocked?

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    Also is the keyboard you are using a PS/2 or USB? If USB then check the bios to ensure that USB Emulation is turned on.

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    Also FYI safemode does not count in the last known good configuration setting.

    It is the last good successful normal logon.

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